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High Quality
Industrial Salt

For winter road maintenance,

melting snow and de-icing

About us

Commer International Ltd., established in 1994, is one of the

leading maritime companies on the Bulgarian market. 

The Company is one of the main importers of industrial sea salt from Egypt. Our goal is to be a loyal partner and to deliver high quality salt on time to the companies engaged in winter maintenance

of the road networks.

За Нас


Our high quality Egyptian industrial sea salt is crystalline and suitable for winter maintenance, road deicing and snow removal.


The high content of sodium chloride (NaCL) has the effect of melting the snow quickly and preventing icing. We strive to provide fast delivery to the customer's warehouse. We offer salt for industrial purposes, packaged salt in bags and salt in tablets.


Salt Тablets

Deicing Salt

Technical Salt




Maritime transport

Commer International Ltd. is one of the leading maritime companies on the Bulgarian market. Our team specializes in commercial and technical operation of ships, ship brokerage, chartering (including time-chartering) of ships of different tonnage and capacity. Together with our partners, we offer our customers the best conditions for sea, combined and multimodal transport.

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Forwarding and logistics services

Commer International Ltd. offers a full range of port forwarding services and modern logistics services combining sea and land transport for our customers' cargo to be delivered with minimum cost and as quickly as possible to the right place and at the right time.


Consulting services

Our experts, with many years of experience in transport and trade, are ready to advise each client according to their specific requirements when concluding foreign trade and transport contracts. 

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